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Your Supply Chain Lobby

What we do.

With +20 years of expertise and +60 success stories, we partner with companies of all sizes & industries to become a hub of information & action in the fields of Supply Chain & Logistics.


We educate, advise and connect professionals to gather focus and perform better in their companies and careers.

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As ASCM’s Regional Channel Partners, we offer a proven portfolio of certification and educational programs in the fields of Supply Chain Management and Logistics for all levels of your organization.

Centralized & Standardized knowledge, methodologies and best practices in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry. We also provide enablement of these through method and results-based consulting, coaching and advisory.

We connect the best professionals with the best job opportunities within the Supply Chain industry; allowing important savings in selection processes to our clients through our partner network and expertise in skill and role requirements.

Your source of latest news, strategic professional connections,
career advancement and tactical discussions within the SC&L community.

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Cross-industry experience in Latin America