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Our talent network is the niche site for a guided search to filling your open job positions.

We will be your partners in refining job profiles for operations professionals and scouting our base towards the selection of your next hire.

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Niche specific talent networking

Find your next high potential candidate for supply chain, logistics and operations positions. Our extensive network and experience brings efficiency and efficacy to your talent scouting.

We not only verify the candidate’s credentials but also coach them to be ready for the next big thing!

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Personal Leadership Series

In alliance with

Your certification program for personal enhancement.

Welcome to the Personal Leadership Series!

The Personal Leadership Series is the brainchild of an Alliance between UpLevel Services and NEXUS, with the objective of bringing an integral development solution for individual professionals and developing or seasoned managers.

Bridge your technical talent with opportunity, developing the soft skills and interpersonal techniques you need to thrive in your business environment in this evolving multi-level training program.

Level 1: First Time Manager

First Time Manager is a program designed to facilitate the transition between being an individual contributor and assuming a people management function. You’ll be quickly performing successfully in your new functions.

Our program will take you on a journey comprising four different performance axis:

The Company

Acquire skills to diagnose company and managerial culture, with the objective of adapting your style and key skills to perform better in your next context.

The Team

Learn about team dynamics, aligned goal setting and effective communication, to improve your team management.

The Individual

Learn the foundations for developing trust, motivate and engage in positive learning conversations with your collaborators


Develop your personal brand as a manager, influencing, time management skills and learn self-coaching techniques.


Program Duration

(8 hours per module)

Delivery: Open classes and in-house customized programs

Level 2: Seasoned Manager

Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Challenge that belief engaging in a personal development program for managers with experience under their belts who want to evolve and adapt to changing company and individual dynamics.

Our program will take you on a journey comprising four different performance axis:

The Company

Become a better promotor of team results, crisis, change management.

The Team

Design high performance teams, problem solving skills, mediation and some innovation techniques to jump start team creativity.

The Individual

Improve your delegation, empowerment and mediation skills, design positive performance evaluation and plan your succession with confidence.


Take communication to a higher level learning about persuasion, body language, negotiation and prioritization.

If you are a seasoned manager entering PLS for the first time, you have the option to include an extra module to cover the 4th module of First Time Manager for the personal skillset included in that program.

Program Duration

(8 hours per module) – Optional 8 additional hours (as detailed above)

Delivery: Open classes and in-house customized programs

Level 3: Life Management

Open to individual contributors and people managers, Life Management is a self-exploratory program designed to improve your personal efficacy. Let us help you to build the most important strategic plan of your life: your personal one.

In this program you’ll learn and work on:

Personal Alignment

Diagnosing Yourself

Building a life vision

Touching your purpose and core values

Diagnosing your belief system

Improving your self-image

Time management aligned with priorities and core values

Setting personal life goals

Building a plan

Developing your personal brand

Make this the capstone of your personal evolution journey. This program is open for all participants as an important beginning journey or the culmination of your process.

Never stop evolving!


Creating and expanding opportunities.

We help individuals and collectives define objectives, plan and work towards enabling change. Be it overcoming performance barriers in the organization that limit advancement and growth or working towards an improved overall personal satisfaction.

Coaching can be deployed via a 1:1 process or a 1:team setting in which the team functions as an entity, pursuing evolution.