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Results-oriented, industry-proven, expert methodologies focused on helping your organization solve challenges or plan for the pursuit of excellence.

Inventory Management

Define optimal inventory levels, replenishment, product flow and control in order to ensure a sustainable operation with the minimal total cost.

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Warehousing Strategy & Operations Management

Define operational activities related to receiving, storing, picking, value-added services, and shipping materials to and from production or distribution locations. Including processes and volumes demand.

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Transportation Strategy & Management

Define, plan, schedule and control all activities related to transportation modes, providers, and inventory movement in and out of an organization.

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Network Design

Define the best configuration of logistics operations including warehousing and distribution facilities' locations and sizes, inventory and replenishment levels, and transportation modes and routing, considering the goal of network cost minimization.

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Forecasting & Demand Management

Refine your forecasting and demand management system through proven methodologies geared towards improving your organization’s capabilities to manage data and the quality of your forecasts.

We value visibility, collaboration and proper measurement techniques in our pursuit of improvement.

Sales & Operations Planning

Design and implement an aggregate planning system focused on the balance of resources supply and demand for an extended planning horizon.

Our methodology includes diagnosing internal satisfaction and the performance of current planning capabilities as well as preparing the organization for alignment, integration and collaboration.

Our process includes end-to-end facilitation during the deployment of S&OP and may include conceptual training for all participants of the process.

Sourcing Strategy & Management

Design supply chain risk and profit impact based strategies that impact the number, type and intensity of relationships to develop with your partners, all following the concept of Total Cost of Ownership

Integrated Measurement Systems for Performance Management

Plan and deploy a set of strategically aligned and concise set of balanced KPIs for strategical, tactical and operative levels of your organization. We help you align, categorize, rationalize and improve your metrics for enhanced decision making at all tiers of your company.

Resource Planning & Capacity Strategies

Define your product/process matrix, fulfillment strategies and learn how to build product structures, bill of resources and resource profiles to assist the process of supply/demand balance for tactical and short term planning horizons.


Modern managers can benefit in their decision making from the participation of an external view of business. During our extensive career, we have patnered with leaders of all levels in fostering better decision making and keeping informed, industry-savvy, constructive dissent & external objectiveness as part of their operation.

Our Advisory is totally client centric and customizable to any type of industry and level of the organization.

Excellence Library

Best Practices

Get a first-hand look of what’s up and coming in supply chain management and logistics practices.


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Network Design

Source and Demand Analysis

Suppliers, Product, Customers, Volumes, Requirements, Cycle time.

Warehousing and Distribution facilities

Inventory Levels, warehouses quantity, sizes and location, labor requirement, total cost.

Transportation modes and routing

Replenishment, performance levels, transportation modes, routing, lead time, total cost.


Heuristic, Optimization, and Simulation

Risk Management

Logistics Risks, International Security Measures, Business Continuity Planning.

Transportation Strategy & Management

Transportation Management

Routing and transportation strategy, costing, providers selection and management.

Transportation Carriers and Intermediaries

•Carriers, Non-Operating Entities, Integrated Service Providers, Logistics Providers (3PL's, LLP, 4PL's).

Routing & Scheduling

Routing, Consolidation, Scheduling.

Order Management

CRM, Inbound/intracompany/Outbound order management, Control Tower, Supplier Management.

Transportation Management System

Planning, Executing, Optimizing, Costing, Pricing, Visibility, Tracking and Tracing.

Warehousing Strategy & Operations Management

Warehouse Strategy

Warehouse function, type, location, size, flow, and shape.

Layout Design

Block design, storage methods, product Flow, small parcel and unit picking storage solutions.

Material Handling equipment

Counterbalance, Reach Trucks, Swing Trucks, Articulated, Stock Pickers, Pallet Jack, AGVS's, Robots, Conveyors.

Operations and Process Design

Macro Processes Guide:

Receiving and Inspection, Put Away, Slotting, Storage & Inventory Control, Picking & Packing, Load Consolidation & Shipping, Shipping Documentation, Warehouse Management Systems.

Micro Processes:

Process Mapping, process design, process optimization, SOP's, Operational KPI's

Continuous Improvement.

JIT, Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, 6S. 

Inventory Management

Inventory Planning

Forecasting, Replenishment, EOQ, Min&Max, JIT, VMI.


Stock allocation considering product type, size, velocity, turn over, value, VAS and BOM.

Inventory Control

ABC Classification, Physical Counts, Cycle Counts, Inventory KPIs.

Warehouse Management System

System attributes, Network infrastructure, RF capability, devices compatibility (RF scanning, Voice picking, RFID), Connectivity & Integration, Visibility.